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What’s better than 1 waitress and a XXX show? 2 waitresses and a XXX lesbian show! Choose between 2 progressive waitresses (3 hours) or 2 nude waitresses (2 hours) ending in the ultimate XXX lesbian show! For the ultimate bucks party experience our king size package is the way to go! It’ll be a night the buck won’t forget. 


Bucks Packages

The ultimate bucks experience! 
All packages can be modified and tailored to your needs!

For a bucks package catered just for you! 

Choose between a progressive waitress for 3 and a half party-pumping hours, going from lingerie to baring nothing, finishing with a bang! Or get straight into the action with 2 hour booking of nude waitress and a half an hour XXX show. This is definitely a staple for a pumping bucks night no one will forget!


Want an extra-special BANG for the buck? Add a dominatrix element to your package, to give him a night he won't forget! 

Birthday Packages

The best birthday gift for that lucky someone! 
Complete with candles and birthday cake, kick-start your birthday year with Royal Girls!

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A birthday bang! 
Standard package involves 1 progressive waitress for 3 hours or nude for 2 hours, and a 20 minute R-rated show with birthday cake and special attention given to the birthday boy!

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